Most people think that fluoride is a naturally occurring substance, but it is in fact a byproduct of fluorine gas and aluminum. It is a carcinogen and its primary use is as a poison for rats and cockroaches. Dr. John Yiamouyiannis says that fluoride is nothing more but a poisonous substance utilized as a pesticide for pests like rats and mice. He goes even to say that an infant of 10 pounds may be killed by 1/100 of an ounce, and an adult of 100 pounds could be killed by 1/20.

In America, the fluoridation of water started in the 1950s when it was discovered that it allegedly prevented tooth decay. At the moment, 75% of communities in America drink fluoridated water. Nevertheless, unlike what everybody thinks, fluoride is definitely not good for the teeth. A number of studies have proven that is causes osteoporosis, brain damage, birth defects, and dental fluorosis.

A couple of years ago, two stories from India revealed that because children drank fluoridated water they became crippled. Half of the people who live in Gaudiyan, which is an Indian village, have bone deformities, meaning they are physically handicapped. Namely, children are born healthy, but they begin developing deformities after drinking this water. Dr. Amit Shukla, who is a neurophysician, says that these deformities are because the extra fluoride in the water prevents the absorption of dietary calcium.

A document known as Evidence on the Carcinogenicity of Fluoride and Its Salts was brought out recently in the OEHHA, and in it, the various health issues which are caused by fluoride are mentioned. It is stated that there are a number of evidence which show that fluoride gets incorporated in the bones, and from there it promotes cell division of osteoblasts. This recognizes fluoride as a cause of bone cancer. Moreover, it notes that fluoride causes other cellular changes, thus causing malignant transformation.

Fluoride exposure is linked to thyroid and other cancers by multiple studies from the 1970s

A number of studies conducted by Dr. Dean Burk link fluoride exposure to cancer. Dr. Burk’s research dates back to 1977 and it has proven that consumption of fluoride contributes to the growth of thyroid follicular cell tumors in mice.

Moreover, he also discovered that fluoride is the most harmful chemical when it comes to causing cancer. He adds that the number of people who have died from cancer caused by fluoride is bigger that all military deaths in America.

Additionally, analysis show that those rats who drank fluoridated water had an increase in cancer and tumor in oral squamous cell, which is a rare type of bone cancer. Also, they had more thyroid follicular cell tumors.