Coca-Cola is so popular, yet so dangerous. This sentence definitely says it all.

The taste of Coca-Cola is even refreshing, but researchers claim that we must not consume it. Namely, it has a detrimental effect on health in general, but it is amazing when it comes to your home.

Yes, you read right. Coca-Cola is the most potent household cleaning product due to its high acidity.

Coca-Cola is as potent as battery acid and it even destroys the teeth. Its pH value is 2.5 and its battery acid is 1. The pH level of pure water is 7, don’t forget that.

Use Coca-Cola in Your Household
  • Eliminates snails and slugs
  • Eliminates grease from fabrics
  • Removes blood stains from fabric
  • Descale kettles
  • Cleans the floor
  • Cleans the engines
  • Removes battery terminals
  • It makes removing gum from your hair easier
  • It makes coins shinier
  • Pour Coca-Cola in your toilet, leave it work and then flush
  • Removes hair dyes
  • Removes oil stains
  • It removes rusty stains from your pool
  • It removes all the dirt and grease from burnt pans
  • Coca-Cola used in combination with aluminum foil can be used for polishing chrome
  • Rub off rusty bolts and rub with a sponge soaked in Coca-Cola
  • Remove pain stains from your metal furniture
  • Clean your china
  • Clean the stains on your carpet with it
  • It dissolves the teeth (though you should know)
Soft Drinks Make You Susceptible to Diseases

A study which was brought out in the journal Respirology states that soft drinks lead to breathing and lung disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma included.

In case you drink it every day, you have a 48% higher risk of a stroke and a heart attack.

Carbonation weakens and softens the bones.

Coca-Cola is just amazing, but for cleaning the home, and for nothing else. Always drink homemade, healthy juices.