As usually, everybody is talking about losing extra weight and various diets this time of year. Everybody wants toned and great body, so going to the gym and exercising hard becomes daily activity.

Advice comes from everybody, and while some diets work miracles, some are just waste of time. Everybody knows that eating properly and doing regular exercise is vital, and that is the winning combination.

In this article, you can read about some combinations of products which should be consumed in one meal and they will help you achieve your goal, losing weight fast and easy.

  1. Always eat eggs and vegetables together. To be more precise, you need to eat boiled eggs and some salads. This is a lunch which is rich in vitamins and ingredients which will keep you full and will provide your organism with everything it needs. It is going to promote your metabolism.
  2. If you like eating fish, eat high quality tuna for lunch. Spice the tuna with fresh ginger. Ginger is a potent antioxidant and it is great for reducing fat.
  3. In case you like eating green fruits and vegetables, spinach and avocado in one meal is going to reduce your weight.
  4. This is an excellent idea for breakfast. You need to combine sour cream and almonds. Apart from being absolutely tasty, this breakfast is also very healthy.
  5. When it comes to fish, here is one more suggestion. One of the healthiest fish is the salmon. You can combine it with asparagus. This is going to boost your metabolism, and it will provide you with all the necessary nutrients.
  6. Make sure to drink one to two cups of green tea on a daily basis. Add some lemon in your tea for better taste.
  7. If you enjoy eating grains, always combine corn and vegetables. This is going to help you shed the extra calories.
  8. Poultry meat is the healthiest, and should be consumed on a regular basis. When combined with salads, chicken is an excellent choice. You can add some red peppers and promote fat elimination.