Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has a number of health benefits, and also powerful healing properties which allow it to treat various ailments.

Its ability to keep the pH levels balanced makes ACV quite known. Moreover, it promotes the production of healthy gut bacteria and promotes the weight loss process. Maintaining and regulating blood sugar levels is for sure its most powerful ability.

According to a study carried out at the Arizona State University, ACV significantly reduced the blood sugar levels. Namely, there were 11 participants all with type 2 diabetes. All of them took their prescribed medication, but none of them took insulin. Also, they were given 2 tablespoons of ACV and 1ounce of cheese prior to going to bed. Their blood sugar levels were lower the next morning.

Because of the fact that almost half of the population in America suffers from high blood sugar or diabetes, this discovery is of incredible significance. However, most of them are not even aware that they have this problem.

ACV Positively Affects Blood Sugar Levels

For the needs of a new study, the participants were divided into three groups: healthy people, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The participants consumed 1 ounce of ACV along with their high carb meal. The results were incredible since all of them had notably decreased blood sugar levels.

When high-fat diets are used in combination with an acetic acid, which is an active ingredient of ACV, can reduce the weight of mice by 10%.

According to researchers this proves that acetic acid has the potential to stimulate the fat break-down ability of the genes enzymes.

There was a double-blind trial in Japan, and it lasted for 3 months. The candidates were divided into three groups, all with similar waist measurement, body weight and BMI (body mass index). The first group didn’t consume any ACV, the second 1 ounce and the third group ½ ounce.

The results showed that the candidates who consumed ACV had reduced body weight and belly fat, decreased triglycerides levels, and smaller waist measurements. Scientists claim that consuming ACV on a daily basis can reduce obesity thus could be useful in metabolic syndrome anticipation.

ACV Has an Effect on the Immune System and Cancer Cells

ACV is capable of detoxifying the lymphatic system. This aids the body’s homeostatic function. This may be because of the content of antioxidants which decrease the damage caused by free radicals, and at the same time it improves the blood and the organs.

ACV has potent anti-microbial properties which makes it a great alternative to disinfectants which are toxic and expensive.

One of the most dangerous bacterium, Mycobacterium tuberculosis is effectively extinguished by acetic acid, even though it is resistant to disinfectants.

ACV is an incredible antimicrobial tonic. It eliminates detrimental bacteria and also strengthens the immune system. A number of studies have proven that ACV eliminates cancer cells very effectively.

Punch Recipes for Digestive Health and Sore Throat

ACV is even more effective when used in combination with fermented veggies, and could help with stomach issues like ulcers, colitis and acid reflux.

According to animal studies on mice, ACV is beneficial for the digestive system.

Additionally, here are a few recipes which can help you soothe sore throat and improve your gut health. Also, you can read salad dressing recipe.

Gut Health Recipe:
  • Warm water-1 cup
  • Raw honey-1 teaspoon
  • Apple cider vinegar- 2 teaspoons
Sore Throat Recipe:
  • Water-2 tablespoons
  • Ground ginger- ¼ teaspoon
  • Apple cider vinegar- 1 tablespoon
  • Raw honey-2 tablespoons
  • Cayenne pepper- ¼ teaspoons (optional)

Instructions: you need to swallow small tips of this every 2 hours so as to soothe your sore throat. Drink water if you cannot stand the taste.

Salad Dressing:
  • ACV- 1 tablespoon
  • Lemon juice- 1 tablespoon
  • Ground garlic- ½ teaspoon
  • Fresh basil leaves- a few chopped
  • Ground black pepper- a pinch

This is a tasty recipe to serve over asparagus, broccoli or green salads.

Beauty and Health Benefits of ACV

A number of people say that taking 1 tablespoon of ACV stops hiccups immediately. It overstimulates the nerve endings, thus shocking the hiccups out of the system.

It is also believed that a cloth soaked in ACV decreases inflammation and speeds up the healing process. This is due to the high acidic content of ACV.

Because of its ability to balance pH levels, it has been used for:

  • Toenail fungus
  • Detox baths
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Poison Ivy
  • Sunburn
  • Dandruff
  • Wounds
  • Removing Warts
  • Burns
  • Toning the skin
  • Bug bites
  • Acne

ACV is also helpful for cleaning and cooking and it is a common commodity. Adding ACV to any savory food is going to improve its taste.

Because of its acidity and antibacterial properties, ACV is a great cleaning agent, particularly for dentures. Mixing 2 teaspoons of baking soda, ½ cup of water and 2 tablespoons of ACV makes a great solution which can be used for cleaning the toothbrush or washing the mouth.

However, since it is highly acidic, ACV can cause severe damage to your teeth and dental erosion, so always dilute it prior to using it.