Purslane is considered to be a useless weed by most people, yet that is a big misconception and in this article you can read all about it.

The leaves of purslane have incredible health benefits, so when you want to pull it next time, keep that in mind. Namely, purslane is abundant in minerals and vitamins which promote health in general, and because of its high content of calcium and iron, it promotes bone health.

Purslane’s seeds are very strong and the plant is able to survive more than 25 years, so it definitely makes the immune system stronger.

Vitamin A prevents cancer, omega-3 fatty acids prevent strokes and heart attacks, and therefore purslane is one of the most powerful green leafy vegetables. Also, it is GMO free.

Taking in consideration all of the above mentioned, you must incorporate them in your diet. The leaves of purslane have crunchy texture and they taste like lemons. You can use purslane instead of spinach and enjoy its health benefits.

It can be added to sandwiches and salads, and because it is high in protein, it is going to increase your strength and energy level. Moreover, purslane also reduces the risk of developmental disorders in kids, such as ADHD and autism.

Source: http://myhomemedicine.com