Apart from being great for decorating your fruit cocktails, pineapple can also boost your health. Also, it will help you stay hydrated.

You need to prepare the pineapple water one day before and drink it throughout the day. You will need ½ a pineapple for 2 liters of water. For best results, leave the pineapple so it can infuse overnight and eat the fruit as well. Don’t forget that you need to make fresh water every day.

These Are the Reasons to Start Doing This Instantly!
  1. Fights Inflammation

Bromelain is a combination of enzymes which modulates the inflammatory response of the body. Consuming a serving of pineapple every day can reduce pain after surgery or injury, bruising, and swelling. Also, it drastically shortens the healing time. Moreover, it also soothes chronic pain caused by arthritis, and it is as effective as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

  1. Promotes Weight Loss

There is thiamine in pineapple water. It helps the breaking down of carbohydrates and it boosts energy. This prevents you from wanting to eat chocolate or drinking a cup of coffee. Moreover, the effects will be bigger if you eat a piece of pineapple, since it contains fiber. Fiber is going to keep you full longer and it controls blood sugar levels.

  1. Eliminates Parasites

According to studies bromelain is able to destroy parasites such as nematodes, which are roundworms, and they cause death and illness. Approximately 50% of the population worldwide is affected by nematodes and they are very hard to treat.

  1. Regulates the Thyroid

There is iodine in pineapples, and it is necessary for the production of certain hormones, like the TRH (thyroid-regulating hormone). Problems with the thyroid gland, like hypothyroidism may lead to low energy, weight gain and susceptibility to disease.

  1. Balances Electrolytes

There is potassium in the pineapple water, and it is a crucial electrolyte. The body uses it so it can develop, grow and maintain healthy teeth and bones. Moreover, it activates enzymes which are vital for carbohydrate metabolism and have a role in regulating the blood pressure.

  1. Detoxifies

There is a load of healthy fiber in pineapple, which absorbs the toxic waste. Moreover, it contains potent antioxidants which prevent damage from free radicals.

  1. Boosts Digestion

The manganese content aids the production of necessary enzymes while bromelain digests protein.

  1. Protects Teeth and Strengthens Gums

According to researchers, toothpastes which contain bromelain prevents plaque accumulation and enamel stains. This is interesting since dentists often advise their patients to avoid fruits since they can damage their enamel.

  1. Improves Vision

Because of its high content of vitamin A and beta-carotene, pineapples prevent loss of vision. According to one study findings, 3 or more servings of pineapple prevent ARMD (age-related macular degeneration).

  1. Fights Cancer

There was a study conducted at Harvard University, and it proved that beta-carotene actually plays a crucial role when it comes to preventing prostate cancer. Moreover, it is also related with reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Moreover, bromelain is related with reducing the risk of chemoresistant colon cancer. According to a study which was published in Planta Medica, bromelain is even more effective that 5-fluorauracil, which is a chemotherapy drug.

Source: dailyhealthpost.com