When it comes to filling the gaps in the teeth dental implants are the perfect solution and they have saved millions of lives worldwide. Dental implants are surgical components which are joined to a part of the jaw so as to support a dental prosthesis like a denture, crown or a bridge through osseointegration. Nevertheless, scientists have discovered a new technique, which is totally non-invasive and which makes it possible for people to regrow their own teeth in no more than 9 weeks.

A group of researchers made a new discovery which is to leave dental implants in the past. Our bodies will be able to regrow teeth on their own, and can replace dentures, crowns and bridges. Dr. Jeremy Mao and a team of researchers from the Columbia University have succeeded in building a scaffold for the teeth which is made of stem cells and which promotes the growth of new teeth with the help of DNA. This discovery is amazing and it is very promising.

Stem cells from the body replace the missing tooth, and the tooth starts amalgamating to the surrounding tissue. This stimulates the regeneration process and the teeth start regrowing very fast. Dr. Mao says that this procedure is not available yet, but it won’t be long until it is published.

Source: www.organichealthhouse.com