Most people experience back pain at some point in their life and it is a quite common issue. This type of pain can be caused by standing, improper sitting, different body postures and more.

Nevertheless, in this article you can read about how to relieve your pain by performing certain exercises.

The Importance of Feet

The feet are vital body parts. They control body posture, overall balance and certain pains. The feet make it possible for us to move even though we sometimes wear uncomfortable shoes. Taking proper care of the feet is essential for the overall well-being.

The feet become painful and deteriorated with aging, making walking hard. This is why the risk of falling is increased when people reach their 80s and 90s.

Pain in the foot can throw you off balance when standing or walking. Doing exercise regularly is going to improve the blood flow, strengthen the muscles and prevent balance issues.

  1. Toe-Pressing

Warming up the feet is critical prior to start doing exercise. Toe pressing is going to improve the blood flow in your feet and it is going to relax them as well. All you need to do is stand up, slightly bend your knees, with your toes you need to grasp the floor and hold the position for 3 seconds. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise, 3 times on a daily basis so as to keep the toes strong and young.

  1. Toe-Walking

Toe walking like a ballerina is going to help you strengthen your toes, ligaments and muscles. Doing this is going to improve your feet a lot. You need to perform this exercise 2 times a day, 5 times and make small pauses in between. In case you feel imbalanced, hold on to surfaces or walls.

  1. Ankle-Circles

This exercise is going to soothe ankle, hip and knee pain in very short time. Poor body posture triggers this pain. In case the upper body part is not parallel with the lower body part, the bearing pf weight is off balance and the pressure on the lower part while walking is irregular.

In order to do this exercise, lie flat on the back and bend your legs upward. One of your legs needs to be stretched over the body. Next, the ankle should be rotates clockwise for 10 seconds. Next, rotate the ankle in the opposite direction. Repeat this with the other ankle and do this exercise 2 times a day for perfect results.

  1. Resistance- Band

There are small muscles in the feet which are critical for the balance of the body. This exercise is going to soothe your pain. You are going to need a band for this exercise.

What you need to do first is sit on the ground and stretch the legs in front of you. Next, band one side of the band on the top of your feet and other on a bedpost or a chair. While being in a sitting position you need to slide back till there is tension in the band. Move your feet backward and do 5 repetitions. Release and do the exercise 10 more times.

  1. Toe-Pencil-Grasp

This exercise is quite simple, but you will need to hold a pencil or a pen with the toes and hold for 10 seconds. Doing this exercise is going to improve your toes. Perform it 2 to 3 times on a weekly basis, 5 repetitions on each foot.

  1. Foot Massage

You will need to move a tennis ball around the right foot. First, you need to place the ball under your second toe. Move the ball for 1 to 3 minutes and then repeat the procedure with your other foot.

  1. Stretch the Heel Tendons

You need to stand facing a wall. Put your right leg in front and you need to slightly bend your knee. Begin to move your hips toward the wall and make sure that your heels are on the floor. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds. Next, relax for another 30 seconds. Do this 2 times and then shift legs.

  1. Toe Stretching

Sit on a chair and put your left leg on the right thigh. Use your right hand to grab your toes and shake them. Next, you need to stretch the toes to the side for about 10 seconds. Do 3 repetitions before you change foot!

  1. Heels

Sit on the floor and stretch your right leg while placing the left leg under the thigh. Begin to bend forward, grab the toes and start making slow movements so as to press them in opposite directions. Hold the position for 30 minutes and do 2 repetitions with each leg.

  1. Upward Stretching of the Toes and Legs

Lie flat and stretch the legs in front of you. Use a towel to lift one of your legs, then straighten your knee and in a gentle manner pull the towel toward your head. Be careful so as to avoid injury. Hold this position for 20 t0 30 seconds and do this one more time. Repeat the procedure with your other leg.

Note: in case you have persistent hip, back or knee pain or issues with your balance you need to consult a doctor.