It goes without saying that a double chin looks unattractive. About 20 percent of the population in every state in the United States suffer from obesity. Even though being overweight can result in a double chin, for many people it is actually a case of weak muscles.

Luckily, getting rid of neck fat and a double chin is easily fixable. The only thing you should do is strengthen the muscles of your neck.

In this article, we are going to present you how to get rid of neck fat and a double chin with ease. Here are some simple exercises that can help you tone your jaw, chin and neck muscles. While these exercises may look ridiculous, they are very effective at helping you get rid of your double chin.

Do these exercises on a regular basis for best results. The good news is that they can be practiced anytime and anywhere you want.

Here Is How to Get Rid of Neck Fat and a Double Chin with Ease:

Practice each of these simple chin exercises about seven times on a daily basis:

– Warm-up

Slowly move your chin forward and backward.

– “Spade” – an excellent exercise to help strengthen your chin muscles

First, you should open your mouth wide and then bend your lower lip inside.

Next, close the mouth while pulling your lower jaw forward.

– Relax muscles

Gently move your jaw up and down.

Repeat this simple exercise after each exercise.

– “Kiss of the ceiling” – a great exercise to help strengthen your neck muscles

You should lift your face up towards the ceiling as well as blow the kiss towards the ceiling.

– Touch your nose

You should stick out the tongue and reach your nose by the tip of your tongue.

– Resistance

First, you should put the elbows on a table.

Afterwards, put your chin on the fists.

Finally, push the chin against your fists in order to overcome the resistance.

– The “Triangle of Youth”

Turn the head to the left and then pull your lower jaw forward. Make sure it strains your neck muscles.

Next, turn the head to the right and repeat the same procedure to the other side.



The Best Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin Fat & Neck Fat