Russian and Chinese healers use aluminum foil as part of alternative medicine because of its healing properties. As strange as it may sound, aluminum has a number of benefits and can reduce the pain you feel in the back heels, knees, shoulders and neck.

Can Aluminum Foil Help You?

Aluminum foil has incredible anti-inflammatory properties which relieve flu and cold symptoms and also reduce pain in general. All you need to do is cut a piece of the foil, put it on the affected area and use a cloth or a bandage to secure it.

Leave it throughout the day and use a fresh foil in case there is a need. Prior to using it, you can consult your doctor if you want to be sure.

Treat the Pain in the Lower Back with Curcuma


  • Curcuma powder-40g
  • Water-100-150 ml


Boil the water and the spice together till the mixture becomes thick as a yoghurt. Meanwhile, prepare the milk.


  • Milk-250 ml
  • Raw almond oil-40 ml
  • Honey-to taste


Boil the milk and add the almond oil. When it is done, you need to remove it from heat and add 1 tablespoon of the previously prepared curcuma paste. Then, add honey to taste and your drink is ready.

Turmeric or curcumin has a number of health benefits and it is widely used in both alternative and conventional medicine.

It eliminates bacteria, toxins, fat layers and improves blood flow. Also, it boosts the metabolism and eliminates all types of pain.

Don’t forget to prepare a fresh batch every time you want to use it, and double it of you want more. It needs to be consumed every day.