It makes no difference how hard we try to protect ourselves and keep cancer away, the society of today make this unfeasible. Cancer is everywhere, from shampoos, toothpastes, sun block lotions, cosmetics, to GMO foods. Cancer could be lurking in your fridge, your pantry or your medicine cabinet. On the contrary, the fact that cancer has an equally powerful enemy is not well-known.

Cancer thrives in an environment which is acidic, the organs the blood are submerged with processed salts, sugar, artificial food and animal fat. Both the heart and the brain try hard to eliminate toxins such as herbicides, insecticides, bleach, fluoride, hormones, heavy metals and antibiotics from the body. Unfortunately, the majority of patients die within the first 5 years after being diagnosed as a result of chemo and radiation, both of which kill healthy cells as well. The simplest solution is usually the most overlooked. All viruses, parasites and pathogens are anaerobic. Abundance of oxygen kills these types of cells, and thrive when there isn’t enough of it. Cancerous cells require fermenting glucose so that they can survive and multiply.

Actually, you must alkalize your body and it is not important if you have cancer or not. Hydrogen peroxide regenerates new cells. The schedule is the same in both men and women.

  • 5 days for new stomach lining
  • 30 days for new skin and hair
  • 45 days for new DNA cell material and new liver
  • 49 days for new bladder
  • 60 days for new tissue and brain cells
  • 90 days for new skeleton
  • 120 days for new red blood cells
The Key to Killing Cancer is Getting Enough Hydrogen Peroxide in the Cancer Cells

The quantity of oxygen which surrounds the cancerous cells is inversely proportional to the spread of metastasis. In fact, the cells spread faster when there is less oxygen. Once the cancer cells get deprived of oxygen, they cannot survive.

The most important thing when eliminating cancer cells with hydrogen peroxide is to get sufficient amount of it in the cells. Pancreatic cells methodically cut up the protein which coats the cancer cells, and the immune system fails to recognize the cells as cancerous. Namely, hydrogen peroxide cuts the protein coating thus getting into the cancer cells.

A Known Fact for 50 Years

Dr. Otto Warburg, who is from Germany and a Nobel Laureate showed the difference between cancer and normal cells half a century ago. Both of these types use glucose as a source of energy, yet normal cells also require oxygen. On the contrary, cancerous cells do not require oxygen. This is why cancerous cells feed on sugar and obese people are more prone to cancer.

Hydrogen peroxide and alike treatments are safe, effective, and time-tested. However, you need to buy hydrogen peroxide which is 35% and food grade. Avoid the 3% “Pharmaceutical Grade” because it is not meant to be used internally. Utilize hydrogen peroxide in these two ways and fight cancer:

  • Fill your bathtub with warm water and add a cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in it and soak for 30 minutes.
  • Add a few droplets of reagent or food grade peroxide in a glass of water and mix it.
  • It is worth a try to test enzyme therapy.