Lumbar pain can be very agonizing. It is unceasing and causes burning sensation in the legs. Also, it causes numbness and prevents the movements.

This sensation occurs along the lower leg, under the knee, in the foot or in the calves. The pain intensifies during the night or after a prolonged standing or sitting. In some cases, it can be caused by a cough, sneezing or stress.

Pain in the sciatic nerve is traditionally treated with prescribed medications. However, these medications often come with serious side-effects and are harmful for health in general.

On the contrary, sciatica pain can be quickly relieved by doing some stretching exercises. These exercises soothe the pain by calming inflammation. You should perform these stretches in a slow manner.

Lie down on a flat surface. Curve the painful leg, drag it toward the shoulder and remain in that position for 30 seconds. Next, straighten the legs, take a short break and do two more repetitions.

You can relieve sciatica pain by doing the following exercises:

Lie down horizontally, curve the knees and drag them toward the chest in a slow manner, making sure that your body stays flat on the ground. Next, cross your legs and using your hand pull the healthy leg. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Then, release and do 2 more repetitions.

These exercises are going to speed up the recovery process, soothe pain and improve blood circulation.