Meditation has the power to be a driving force and a catalyst in a number of areas in our lives. Meditation teaches the attitudes and skills which counteract and oppose the prevailing forces of inequality and authority of our time and it proffers acceptable solution to ignorance and violence.

Dalai Lama said that if we teach meditation to every 8 year old child, violence will be eliminated within each generation.

The real revolution is our inner revolution. The revolution lies in every mind and heart around the world. It is not possible to have enlightened society if the individuals living in it are not. The system should be driven by collective compassion and wisdom of people.

Civil Disobedience

Meditation teaches people disobedience and it may be a stimulus for a political revolution. Meditation teaches people that they shouldn’t believe in tradition and pre-conceived ideas. We need to see each situation clearly. This is usually enough for starting a revolution. Meditation is able to promote political awakening just by making it possible for people to the things from a fresh perspective.

Economic Revolution

Medication develops contentment and this makes it economic revolution. This simple fact compromises most of the marketing that is appealing to a sense of lack or that something new will make you feel happier. Namely, meditation helps you control your impulsiveness, and you are not controlled by whim and excitement.

To be more precise, it teaches that happiness does not come from having better or new things, but it comes from a stable mind. Through meditation, we learn to be happy with the little we have, and we find total happiness and peace with what we have.

Alan B Wallace who is a leading meditation teacher said that a world which truly understands the nature of consciousness would be able to shift away from hedonism and towards the true happiness which is gained with training your mind.


Meditation makes it possible for people to see the sameness and equality of people. People are characterized by sexual or gender orientation, or skin color and meditation experts challenge this, since by the meditation experience of no-self there isn’t definite or fixed self to find deep contemplation.

Everybody has the identical fundamental nature of conscious awareness. Everybody suffers similar emotional and mental afflictions.

According to Buddha, each and every one can become enlightened. Meditation connects us with God. Because of meditation people learn to trust their own instincts. Obviously, a teacher is necessary, since instructions are vital for practicing meditation. Nevertheless, the source of the ultimate, wisdom and freedom is present in every human being.

People can become their own therapists since they have the ability to settle and calm one’s mind. According to Meditation Masters, a person does not have problems with disturbing emotions or thoughts once their mindfulness is stabilized. Moreover, these claims have undergone scientific experimentation, and the end results are definite that meditation is in fact a boon for emotional and mental health.

It has been proven that meditation improves a number of mental health disorders, anxiety related issues and stress in particular. Moreover, meditation has had substantial success in drug rehabilitation, and major companies use it to help their employees with stress relief, productivity and creativity.

Environmental Awareness

Meditation promotes more profound connection with the planet and ourselves. It helps us become more sensitive to the way our behavior affects the world and other people.

Thich Nhat Hanh who is a Meditation Master says that the revolution starts from within us. What we need to do is fall in love with Earth and wake up. Our admiration and love for Earth holds the power to remove all boundaries, discrimination and separation and unite us. What we need to do is re-establish the connection with each other, with ourselves and with Earth.

Mass Global Meditations

All around the world, group of people are coming together for meditating. Directing the attention towards peace and unity, they come together to share the dream of prosperity and hope, and to end corruption and violence. This has also been studied, and indeed the results have shown that mass meditations may have substantial results.

There have been reductions is violence and crime in some parts of the world where energy has been channeled by meditators.

Subtle activism is an ancient science in which everybody can participate. However, meditations and praying is not enough, and action is certainly needed so that social organizations and structures are created which will work to stop and expose exploitation, corruption and violence.