There is hardly any who is satisfied with their look and their weight. Despite the fact that there are various fast and quick diets, they are not as efficient as we would like them to be. Nevertheless, just imagine how great it would be to be able to lose weight without even trying?

The good news is that this is actually possible, and all you need to do is change some of your habits. All you need to do is walk more. However, how many steps a day will help you lose weight?

This depends on 2 factors:
  1. Body Weight
  2. Walking area

To be more precise, walking for 1 hour will burn 400 calories. You need to walk 4 miles per hour, which is the average speed. Namely, you need to make about 2,000 steps, and this makes approximately 1 mile. Actually, you need to burn 3,500 calories if you want to lose 1 pound.

The healthiest and the best way of losing weight is to lose 1 pound a month. In this way there won’t be a yo-yo effect.

All of this means that you have to walk 5 miles every day so that you can burn 500 calories. It is as simple as that. All you need to do is change some of your habits.

Follow These Suggestions
  1. Walk with your kids on their way to school
  2. Walk as much as you can. Don’t use the bus every day.
  3. Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs.
  4. Always park your car further from your destination, so you can walk.
  5. Instead of using bus or a taxi, walk to the station.
This Walking Routine will Help You Lose Weight

It is recommended that you walk 15 to 20 minutes the first 3 days so as to get accustomed to your new routine. Once you feel ready, you can increase the time slowly, and walk from half an hour to one hour on a daily basis. This is a particularly effective way of losing weight, and it has been scientifically proven.

With time, this will become part of your routine, and you will do it without even being aware of it.